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Rowley MA

Rowley, MassachusettsThe town of Rowley, located 32 miles north of Boston, was incorporated in 1639 and has maintained a rural setting while preserving much of its historic buildings and open spaces. Covering 20.3 square miles, Rowley lies along the Atlantic Ocean north of Cape Ann, the mainland separated from the ocean by a small portion of Plum Island and Plum Island Sound. With a population of 5,973 citizens, Rowley is easily accessible from Route 95 and by train from Boston. With a picturesque town common and many streets lined with colonial homes near the town center, Rowley also offers shopping amenities and services along its Route 1 corridor.

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Rowley is part of the Triton Regional School District.

There are two private schools in Rowley, Clark School, and Solstice Day School.

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