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Home Selling Tips for Summer Listings:

Luxury Real Estate Blog, Selling a home during summer means that you may have more competition out there as a lot of sellers usually list their properties during this time of the year. This means that you will have to know some tips to make your home stand out. Below are some of our best home selling tips for summer listings! Get Your Homes Exteriors Summer Ready! Summer is usually the season that you can truly showcase your homes exteriors, so go ahead and get busy with it! Curb appeal has a big impact on whether a house is going to sell or not. You want your homes exteriors to make people want to come in and see the inside. Below is a list of how you can make the exterior of your home more attractive. Use paint to refresh your homes look. Water the lawn to mak.

William Raveis Real Estate Proudly Welcomes The Norgart Team:

Fri, 18 Jun 2021

Luxury Real Estate Blog, William Raveis, WRREs CEO and Chairman, founded the company more than 46 years ago and has turned it into a real estate powerhouse with more than 4,300 talented sales associates across 134 offices in 8 states.

MLO, AE Jobs; Servicing, Sales, TPO, VOI Products; Fannie and Agency Shifts Continue: 3 Instead of 7 Percent NOO Cap?:

Wed, 16 Jun 2021

Mortgage News Daily - Blogs, Faster applications = happier borrowers = loyal customers. VOE+VOIs are an unnecessary pain in the you know what when it comes to processing faster applications. Improve the borrower experience with faster VOE/VOI on Truework- . Truework is now a fully integrated partner with Encompass meaning for any applicant through Truework without leaving the Encompass environment. Verifying income and employment is easier than ever. When loan processing teams use Truework they unlock bulk pricing discounts and automated billing. Start income verifications with Truework today and ! ...(). Forward this article via email: to someone you know that may want to read it.

Ops, MLO, AE Jobs; Servicing, Dashboard, FHA Pricing, VOA Products; Agency Shifts Continue; Events This Week:

Mon, 14 Jun 2021

Mortgage News Daily - Blogs, Posted To:. Elaine F. reminded me of a quote from Hemingway: Never mistake motion for action. And basketball coach John Wooden said, Never mistake action for achievement. The FHFA is certain taking action, and moving toward achieving its goals, although those dont necessarily match those of many borrowers or lenders. Why every originator should care is spelled out in The Secondary Markets Presence in the Primary Markets . By raising gfees (as lenders saw last Friday) to one borrower at a time, will Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae reach the hundreds of billions of dollars of retained capital that many believe are required to exit conservatorship ? Of course not. And it appears that TPO business (correspondent and wholesale) is being hit mu.

Second Home Sales React to High Prices, New Regs:

Fri, 11 Jun 2021

Mortgage News Daily - Blogs, Last June, as the real estate market came back to life, second home mortgage locks jumped 110 percent compared to June 2019 and remained elevated through April.
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LO, Processing Jobs; Correspondent, Presentation, Pre-qual Tools; PenFed/TIAA Deal and Other Correspondent News:

Tue, 8 Jun 2021

Mortgage News Daily - Blogs, Posted To:. After years of opening mail Ive come to the conclusion that, when stamped on an envelope in the U.S. mail, personal and confidential usually isnt, and time sensitive isnt either. Yes, its only Tuesday , and there continues to be discussion about the housing market, the lack of homes for sale given the lack of building over the last several years, and the 70 million or so millennials wanting a place to call their own. Yup, millennials are changing the mortgage and home buying market . Millennial homebuyers are waiting longer to buy a first home than previous generations, perhaps grappling with the effects of the Great Recession and rising student debt. Sure millennials have been slower to buy their first homes than older g.

Post-Covid Real Estate Market Trends in Costa Rica:

Tue, 8 Jun 2021

Luxury Real Estate Blog, Post-Covid Real Estate Market Trends in Costa Rica.

AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; VOA, Intelligence, Appraisal, Landing Page Tools; Events and Training in June and into July:

Mon, 7 Jun 2021

Mortgage News Daily - Blogs, Time is flying, and the months click by. Were approaching the Summer Solstice. (Here in Sitka, AK, the official sunrise is around 4AM and it sets around 10PM.) As a lender, did you add to your coffers in the first quarter? If not, or if you only broke even, perhaps it is time for a change. As expected, for most lender, their pipelines and margins rolled into 2021. Independent mortgage bankers. $3,361 on each loan in the first quarter of 2021, which was the best first quarter on record. In fact, net production profits reached their highest level for any first quarter since the inception of MBAs report in 2008. To balance out that good news, available housing inventory continues to disappoint, especially in April,. . Inventory fell 1.4% compa.

Real Estate as an Investment:

Fri, 4 Jun 2021

Luxury Real Estate Blog, There are thousands of books and blog articles going around on the world wide web about how to start building wealth, the best habits to become rich, or how to start your own business. Building wealth is the dream of many people and certainly their biggest drive when it comes to businesses. Many experts agree that investing in real estate has become one of the most effective ways to start seeing your returns getting thicker and handsomer. But why do experts keep advising people on investing in real estate? Among many advantages, these types of assets are financially stable, high in returns, and they are also fairly accessible. Keep reading to find out why buying real estate is a very good investment. Why do experts say it is financially sta.

Servicing, Ops, MLO Jobs; Purchase, Appraisal, PMI, Retention Tools; Investors React to Agency Changes:

Fri, 4 Jun 2021

Mortgage News Daily - Blogs, Property 360 for REOgrams eliminates manual submissions for REOgram notifications for Real Estate Owned (REO) properties acquired through foreclosure or Mortgage Release (deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

Sustainable Living in Costa Rica:

Fri, 28 May 2021

Luxury Real Estate Blog, Costa Rica Is A Premier Destination For People Looking To Live In Harmony With Nature. The world climate crisis has prompted many people to take action against it, and with the philosophy of "even the smallest steps count", a multitude of ways to have a more eco-friendly way of living has gained popularity over the years.

Top Reasons to Look for Your Next House Over Holiday Weekends:

Fri, 28 May 2021

Luxury Real Estate Blog, At Kentwood Real Estate, our team of professional brokers, residential and commercial, are expertly managing the current Colorado real estate market dynamics and stand by for all of our clients who are ready to transact real estate.

Real Estate Agent Christine Bova Closes $5 Million in Transactions for April:

Thu, 27 May 2021

Luxury Real Estate Blog, Courtesy of. HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA - FirstTeam Real Estate agent closed an impressive $5 million in total transactions for the month of April, placing her among the top-performing agents in our . A powerhouse attorney and broker, Christine's unique skillset, extensive local connections and natural ability to connect with others make her stand out among the competition. What would you say is your greatest strength? I am passionate about my family, philanthropy, and doing my job to the best of my ability. I have served on various committees such as 44 Womenan affiliate of Orangewood, High School Foundation and Football Booster Club, and the Presidents Circle for Orange County School of the Arts, just to name a few. Through my involvement with

The Rise Of Multigenerational Homes In Costa Rica:

Tue, 25 May 2021

Luxury Real Estate Blog, The definition of a multigenerational household is a home where multiple members of different generations live together. In other words, multigenerational households generally incorporate grandparents, parents, and children under the same roof. Of course, there are other scenarios where other members of the family with special needs are involved, but it all comes down to multiple families living in the same premises. According to data from the , since the start of COVID, the purchases of multigenerational family houses went from 11% to 15%, which points to a growing interest in housing options that could accommodate seniors, adults, and children without compromising their sense of privacy. The pandemic pushed many people to move out of thei.

Looking for Affordable Housing? UI Says Look to Homeownership:

Mon, 24 May 2021

Mortgage News Daily - Blogs, Posted To:. A recent policy brief from the Urban Institute (UI) suggests a radical but common-sense solution for achieving affordable housing - homeownership. UI analyst Mike Loftin says there is no shortage of other policy proposals to address the housing problem - more federal investment in building public housing, subsidies to builders of affordable apartments, dramatic increases in rent vouchers - but owning one's own home, he says, is frequently more affordable than renting. There is a widespread idea that homeownership is for people who achieve some arbitrary level of financial success and not "appropriate" for people who are still on their path to financial security which may explain why government efforts toward affordable housing na.
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What Are Rates and Housing Worried About?:

Fri, 21 May 2021

Mortgage News Daily - Blogs, Posted To:. In the past 2 weeks, there's been big news about inflation and seemingly big news about Fed policy. Both are threats to low interest rates, but not just yet, apparently. After taking last week's huge inflation numbers in stride the bond market moved on to focus on Fed policy this week. The Federal Reserve (aka, the Fed) is often a source of confusion for consumers when it comes to mortgage rates. The evening news says things like "the Fed kept rates unchanged," and people assume it has something to do with mortgage rates. The Fed Funds Rate (the thing the Fed actually decides to hike, cut, or hold steady) has almost nothing to do with the mortgage market. Mortgage rates are infinitely more concerned with the Fed's bond buying pol.

5 Tips to Maximize Your Home Sale:

Fri, 21 May 2021

Luxury Real Estate Blog, In a hot market like the Front Range real estate market for homes, properties are selling quickly.

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