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Newbury MA

Newbury MA Established in 1635, Newbury originally included the land that is now Newburyport and West Newbury. Early industry included Byfield Woolen Mills on the Falls, Old Tappan Grist Mill on Main Street, Sawmill on River Street and the Larkin-Morrill Mill, which later became the Pearson’s Snuff Mill. The Governor’s Academy, the oldest boarding school in America, was founded in 1763 and is still an integral part of Newbury. Today, Newbury stretches for 23.35 square miles and is divided into three villages: Old Town, Byfield, and Plum Island. Each village functions individually under the umbrella of the local government. Newbury, with a population of 7,009 (2016 census) is considered a residential/agricultural community where farming, clamming, and Salt Marsh Haying continue to provide income for local residents.

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Newbury is part of the Triton Regional School District with one elementary school, Newbury Elementary School, and a Regional middle and high school. Respect, integrity, and excellence is what the District strives to attain for all of its students with a mission to unite in supporting the development of engaged, successful, responsible, resilient learners; well-prepared to be ethical, empathetic, and contributing citizens. The Governor’s Academy is a private high school located in the Byfield Village of Newbury.

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