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Newbury MA

The town of Newbury is a town within a town – make that threNewbury Town Halle towns. Newbury, which dates to 1634 and is only 33 miles from Boston, includes the villages of Old Town (Newbury Center), Plum Island, and Byfield. Each village is a precinct with its own voting district, various town offices, and a business center.

Farming was the main occupation but as early as the late 18th Century, several mills were established: Byfield Woolen Mills, Old Tappan Grist Mill, and Sawmill on River Street. The Larkin-Morrill Mill, later known as Pearson’s Snuff Mill was in operation until the 1990s.

Mining was perhaps the most unexpected industry. Between 1878 and 1925 – after silver was discovered in a large field, the Chipman Silver Mine produced $500,000 worth of silver and $100,000 in dividends.

Today, Newbury is considered a residential/agricultural community with farming. Clams and Salt Marsh Haying continue to provide income for local residents.

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Things To Do in Newbury:

Old Town Hill

Parker River National Wildlife Sanctuary

Tender Crop Farm

Newbury Library


Restaurants in Newbury:

Rusty Can

Plum Island Grille


Shopping in Newbury:

Newbury Kayak & Canoe


Newbury Schools:

Newbury is part of the Triton Regional School District.

Newbury Elementary School

Triton Middle School

Triton High School

The Governor’s Academy is a private high school located in the Byfield Village of Newbury.


Living in Newbury:

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