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Nahant MA

See the source imageIncorporated as a town in 1853, Nahant is the smallest municipality by area in the commonwealth. The town is about two miles long, “scarcely” more than a half mile wide and covers less than 600 acres. Nahant, however, has a rich and fascinating history that belies its diminutive size.

Then and now, visitors and residents can choose among several beaches like Upham's, Sanders' Ledge, The Forty Steps and Lodge's Beach or watery attractions like Spouting Horn, where, when the sea is rough, water rushes in and, forced by the immensity and power behind, thunders high into the air creating an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Lobster is another Nahant attraction. Local lore has it that the best lobsters in the world are found in Massachusetts Bay and that their flavor is better than those from anywhere else in the world.

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Things To Do in Nahant:


  • Little Nahant Playground
  • Lowlands Softball Field(s)
  • Lowlands Playground
  • Flash Road Ball Field(s)
  • Flash Road Playground
  • Pleasant Street Playground
  • Marjoram Hill Park
  • Henry Cabot Lodge Park

Nahant Public Library

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Restaurants in Nahant:

Tides Restaurant & Pub

Seaside Pizza


Nahant Schools:

Nahant School Department


Living in Nahant:

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