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Middleton MA

Middleton MA

As Middleton was tucked between two important 17th Century towns—Salem and Andover—geography proved to be the determining factor for the town’s name.

Almost 400 years later and the addition of Boston as a new “anchor” town, Middleton’s name and location are still relevant. The town is only a 30-minute drive to the Hub. Over the years, as people flocked to this 14.4-square-mile suburban site, Middleton earned a reputation for being welcoming and is often characterized as a “small community in a single neighborhood.”

Back in the day, however, Middleton was a thriving farming community and still has many open fields and recreational areas including Middleton and Andover Meadow Ponds. By the 18th Century, iron working was a prevalent industry but today, healthcare and educational opportunities are among a wide variety of industries driving new economic growth.

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Things To Do in Middleton:

Paradise Family Golf

Harold Parker State Forest


Restaurants in Middleton:

Teresa's Italian Eatery

Maggie's Farm

Blue Fin Restaurant

Richardson's Ice Cream

Freddy's Place


Shopping in Middleton:

Farmer Brown Farm Stand

Yankee Fireplace, Grill & Patio


Middleton Schools:

Middleton schools are part of the Tri-Town Union.

Fuller Meadow School

Howe-Manning Elementary School

Masconomet Regional Middle School

Masconomet Regional High School

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School


Living in Middleton:

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