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Manchester-by-the-Sea MA

Manchester by the Sea Waterfront

Manchester-by-the-Sea, or simply Manchester, is an old fishing town located on Cape Ann, which is part of Massachusetts's North Shore. A popular summer destination due to its 12-mile coastline, Manchester is well known for having beautiful waterfront properties. The town is bordered by Beverly, Wenham, Hamilton, Essex, and Gloucester.

About 30 miles north of Boston, Manchester can be directly accessed by road or by the MBTA Commuter Rail. Boston residents also take advantage of the proximity in summer and visit the town to enjoy Singing Beach. Two main highways run through Manchester, Route 128, and scenic Route 127, which has views of the coast, farmland, luxurious homes, and roadside attractions.

Residents enjoy a quiet, year-round community and seasonal visitors take advantage of a relaxing setting with water views.

Things To Do in Manchester:

Although Manchester is a top summer destination, many of the town's outdoor destinations provide year-round fun. From hiking and strolling around downtown, to water activities such as boating and fishing, there is much to enjoy in Manchester. Some recreation locations include:

Restaurants in Manchester:

Shopping in Manchester:

  • Mariposa - Selling handmade gifts for any occasion.
  • MAHRI- Handmade jewelry, stunning gifts, and unique clothing.
  • Manchester by the Book - Quality books, rare collections, children's room, local events.
  • Stock Exchange - Destination of choice for discerning shoppers and satisfied consignors.
  • Madam Hadem - Designer consignment boutique.
  • Riverside Cycle - High end sportswear, bikes, and bike repair/maintenance.

Manchester Schools:

Manchester students can attend public schools that also serve the neighboring town of Essex.

Brookwood School is an independently run school for Pre-K through 8th grade. 

Living in Manchester:

Manchester-by-the-Sea presents a real estate market renowned for its luxurious waterfront properties, historic estates, and elegant homes. From grand mansions overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to charming cottages nestled in picturesque neighborhoods, Manchester-by-the-Sea offers a range of upscale housing options. With its stunning coastal views, serene beaches, and proximity to Boston, Manchester-by-the-Sea attracts discerning homebuyers seeking a blend of coastal living and sophistication. Whether you're drawn to the town's prestigious reputation, its vibrant arts scene, or its scenic natural surroundings, Manchester-by-the-Sea provides an unparalleled setting for homeowners looking to embrace the epitome of North Shore luxury.

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