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Groveland MA

Groveland, Massachusetts

“You never feel like a stranger here” is a long-time description for Groveland, a small residential community in a friendly rural setting 31 miles north of Boston and 255 miles to New York City.

The town, which was incorporated in 1850 after spending the 17th and 18th Centuries “attached” first to Rowley and then to Bradford. During the 20th Century, Groveland changed gradually from a shoe industry and textile manufacturing community to almost a strictly residential one.

With easy access to Route 95 and 495, many residents commute to jobs in Lynn and Boston. When not at work, townies can choose from various recreational activities at local baseball and soccer fields, basketball courts, picnic areas, and boating facilities on the Merrimack River.

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Groveland presents a charming real estate market with a blend of historic homes and modern residences nestled in a quaint suburban setting. This close-knit North Shore community offers a range of housing options, from spacious single-family homes with large yards to cozy bungalows and townhouses. With its tranquil wooded areas, scenic Merrimack River views, and convenient access to outdoor recreational activities, Groveland provides an ideal backdrop for those seeking a peaceful and friendly environment. Whether you're drawn to the small-town atmosphere or the excellent schools, Groveland offers a welcoming community for homeowners looking for a quintessential New England lifestyle.

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