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The Mill in AmesburyThe Town of Amesbury was incorporated in 1668. The town changed its status to a city in 1996. It is now governed by a mayor and municipal council. In 2011 the name was changed from “Town of Amesbury” to “City of Amesbury”. The population was 17,366 in 2020. The city has 12.9 square miles of land. 

Downtown Amesbury was once an active industrial center for carriage builders, iron workers, and textile-makers. The city is nicknamed “Carriagetown” as there were over 100 businesses involved in the carriage trade during the boom years: 1830s to the early 1900s. The old mill buildings have been restored and repurposed for artist studios, offices, shops, restaurants, and residences. 

The City of Amesbury takes great pride in its green spaces. There are excellent opportunities for cyclists, hikers, and boaters in the diverse parks & recreation areas. 

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There are several parks and conservation areas perfect for a wide range of activities: bike trails, cross-country skiing trails, bird watching, hiking, snowshoeing, concerts, fitness classes, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, art exhibits, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, picnicking, swimming and more! Many of the recreational areas are pet friendly. The city celebrates visual art with an annual open studio tour in November and celebrates the written word with poetry month every April. 

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The Amesbury School District takes pride in caring for the educational needs of every student. The highest quality staff are hired to guide the development of attitudes and skills through meaningful learning experiences. Amesbury Public Schools are “preparing students to create and innovate within a rapidly changing world”. 

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