Susan McGrath

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Ipswich, MA 01938

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About Susan

Sue believes that to achieve success for clients you must communicate openly, listen carefully, and figure out what’s really most important. She developed her skills throughout an extensive and successful career in customer service that includes retail management and interior design. Her experience as an in-home design consultant gives Sue a unique talent for understanding both the needs of her clients and the potential of a space, allowing her to successfully match possibilities with buyers’ expectations, all while working within the guidelines of a budget.

The skills Sue honed from her design work make her an asset to sellers as well. Staging a home for quick sale is all about the details. Her keen eye, combined with a business background and genuine desire to listen to what clients’ want, make Sue an exceptional real estate professional.

Sue approaches every problem like a puzzle, seeing the larger picture first and then putting all the pieces together. Whether creating a dynamic presentation for sellers, or helping to seamlessly guide buyers through the challenging transition from new house to home, she is a valuable resource to have on both sides of any transaction.

Sue, originally from Delaware, graduated from the University of Connecticut and fell in love with New England. A long-time Ipswich resident, she’s raised her family here and remains involved with the Town & Country Garden Club and Ipswich Bay Yacht Club.