Cleo Alexander

Realtor® | J Barrett & Company - Gloucester Office

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About Cleo

Determining what makes a “win” for both sides and making it happen is the foundation of Realtor® Cleo Alexander’s successful career.

 Cleo, who also has 20 years’ experience in technical software sales that includes negotiating contracts and management, stresses the importance of collaboration. “Sales isn’t just about selling—it’s about developing relationships with your clients as well as helping them to solve problems.”

“To offer value and service to a client you must understand their needs, what’s truly important to them and what they want to achieve.”

Being passionate about what you do is the rest of her successful equation, admits Cleo. “I want my clients to reach their home ownership goals,” she says.

 As Cleo practices that philosophy daily, her clients always have a steadfast advocate working on their behalf. Being well-informed on current market conditions is an essential aspect of the service she provides, while maintaining focus on the desired end result. As she studies market trends and is constantly in touch with fellow agents, Cleo’s clients can make decisions based on reliable facts.

 For Cleo, however, the very human element of real estate is what makes the job most satisfying. “Real estate is personal,” she says. “You have the opportunity to be a ‘helping hand’ in what may be the biggest transaction in someone’s life.”