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Covid-19 UPDATE


Given that the Governor just announced a statewide “stay-at-home” order - we will be closing all offices (except Prides) until further notice. Please stay out of your offices.

If you have any checks you must drop them at the Prides office and there is a mailbox located on the side of the building.  We do ask that you let us know when something is dropped off. 

The Prides phone number is (978) 922-2700 and you can also reach Kelly or Jarrett via email; koconnor@jbarrettrealty.com and jarrett@jbarrettrealty.com.  

The Registry currently is staying open for electronic filings.  Please remember to keep us in the loop on delayed closings, P&Ss, etc. - It is very important for all of us to be on the same page, so please let us know ASAP!


Below are a list of links to information regarding the Covid-19 virus:


J Barrett Procedures During Pandemic

MAR Updates

Governor Baker's Executive Order Regarding Inspections

Covid-19 Addendum

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Addendum



ZOOM Meetings:


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April 23rd Meeting - JB Social Media Plans with Union Street Media

April 28th Meeting - Real Estate News

April 30th Meeting - Mike Ferry

May 5th Meeting - Step Up Your Marketing Game Part 1

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May 14th Meeting - Real Estate Education Info and Market Update with Staci Cowell from Leading Real Estate

May 19th Meeting - Ins & Outs of Jumbo Loans with Andy Wiles from First Republic Bank

June 16th - Company Meeting

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Calls with Kathy & Jon:

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